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Schedule irrigation installation services in Casper, WY

Installing an irrigation system is the best way to keep your lawn lush and green. McDonald Landscaping offers irrigation installation services in and around Casper, Wyoming. The systems we install are automatic, so you don’t have to struggle to stay on top of watering your grass.

McDonald Landscaping can also maintain your existing irrigation system with general maintenance, repair, and replacement. We also seasonally maintain irrigation systems with start ups and blow outs to get your lawn ready for the upcoming season.

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5 reasons to hire us for irrigation installation

5 reasons to hire us for irrigation installation

Here are a few good reasons to make McDonald Landscaping your top choice for irrigation installation in the Casper, WY area:

  1. We install top-of-the-line automatic sprinkler systems.
  2. We design your system to ensure that it covers every inch of your lawn.
  3. We include a one-year warranty with every sprinkler system installation.
  4. We can handle any irrigation maintenance & repair work with existing systems
  5. We can do seasonal irrigation maintenance with irrigation start ups & blow outs

Call McDonald Landscaping today to schedule an appointment. We’ll visit your property in the Casper, WY area to assess your needs and provide a free estimate.