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McDonald Landscaping specializes in retaining wall construction in the Casper, WY area. If you need to add a retaining wall to your yard, call us today. We’ll visit your property to measure your space and provide an estimate. Our retaining walls are long-lasting because we take the time to make sure they’re installed properly. We make sure the overall look at feel of your yard works well and co-exists together.

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3 reasons to install a retaining wall

3 reasons to install a retaining wall

A retaining wall is a great addition to your landscaping design because it will:

  1. Slow the flow of rain water, so your garden doesn’t overflow.
  2. Add additional seating or decorating surfaces in your yard.
  3. Keep soil in place and minimize the risk of erosion.

You can take your yard to the next level with a retaining wall installation. We offer a wide range of brick styles and colors, so we can get a retaining wall that matches the design of your landscape. In addition to retaining walls we also are able to do patios, pavers, and paver walkways.

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